How to Play:

space- Jump

P - Pause

Left-Click - To start the game


A simple Game developed by a kurdish game developing enthusiast.

the game is about a ball that can fly due to Gravity fails in laws of nature and makes the ball to think that Earth is flat and nasa is a lie.


º Simple Ui and Design

º Mind relaxing sounds

Things i Made:

º scoring system

º smooth jumping physics

º coin collecting system

º lag clearing system by destroying every objects out of screen

º clouds system

º random moving objects

º spawning random objects

º animations

º particle system


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Its so addicting,  good job!

Hey M8rwa,

Thank you.

The game is really really fun and addicting :) i think it is worth it to try to publish it after making some polishings like - high score and something to do with coins that you collect

Hey Ehab,

Thank you for taking your time checking out the game and Writing a comment

i will try to add extra features like {High score system, buying Backgrounds, new Evil blocks and much more} if you have any more ideas please leave them below in the comments so i can try my best adding them to the game.

i really like That Sentence "the ball to think that Earth is flat and nasa is a lie" lol


Thanks xD

your welcome